Carolina Aponte Urdaneta, MD, LLC.


- In what ways is a psychiatrist different than a psychologist or a counselor?

 Psychiatrists, like psychologists and other counselors, are interested in understanding human behavior and helping individuals that are suffering to change and develop new skills to better interact with the world and the people that surround them. However, an important difference is that psychiatrists have undergone medical training, and are, therefore, equipped for considering biological causes for changes in behavior, diagnosing medical illnesses, and providing pharmacological treatments as deemed necessary, in addition to psychotherapeutic approaches. 

- Will medications be recommended to treat my symptoms?

Medications will be recommended on an individual basis. For some psychotherapy may be the best treatment option and medications could be used as adjunct therapy, or not at all. Medications might be recommended to alleviate serious or prolonged symptoms, especially when the benefits of starting or continuing  a medication outweigh its possible side effects. Side effects of medications will also be discussed.

- What happens if I miss an appointment?

Please click to review our cancellation policy.

- How can I pay for my appointment? 

Please click to review rates and methods of payment.

- Do you see only geriatric patients?

No, I see both adult and geriatric population. I am board certified in adult and geriatric psychiatry and have experience in working with both populations.

- Do you see Spanish speaking patients?

Yes. I speak Spanish, English and French and can provide the services offered in the clinic in any of these languages.

- Will insurance reimburse for your services?

Depending on the health insurance type you have, a portion of your visit may be reimbursed. A detailed receipt will be provided for you to submit a claim to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. If you are unsure whether your insurance will reimburse, you should contact them directly and inquire whether they reimburse for out of network provider appointments. 

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